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R.SPEECH: +The citizens said we couldn´t walk the street safely in their town. +She warned me not to go beyond that barrier. +The mayor odvised them to install more cameras in the city centre. +Her parents asked her to call them when she arrived home. +Johan refused to ley his son go out with this friends that night. +I apologised for didn´t studying enough. +He reminded me not to forget my appointment the next day. +He advise me to hurry up necause I was about to miss the bus. +She suggested using her notes as they could help Mary revise. +She wanted to know what time the banks closed that day. +the teacher told the students not to talk so loud. +jane apologized for having misplaced my papers.+the man refused to come back later. +She advised her husband to go to dentist. +I complained of him forgetting my birthday. +she begged me to take her coat. +they askedme if i could move that chair a bit.+ Harry threatened to take my paper if i tried to cheat in exams.

Condicionals: ifSuzy could give chocolat. She would lose weight+ifI had gone to bed early. I wouldn´t have felt sleepy +You´ll feel healthier if you start eating properly +Unless it rains. We´ll go into town +Girls would talk to you if you smiled+If we hadn´t forgotten the GPS.We wouldn´t have got lost +If your hadn´t eaten the whole cake, you woulden´t have felt sick +If they don´t give her a discount, she won´t buy T-shirt +He would have played football last Sunday if he hadn´t fallen down the stairs +Id i lived near my office, i wouldn´t have to drive to work +If i had had my camcorder, i would have taped te concert
WISH+ I wish i spoken English +I wish i had done my best when +Iwish she would stop making excuses for everything +I wish i had more opportunities to speak English +I wish my parents let me go out on weekdays.
RELATIVES: I will never forget the day when my doughter was born then. +have you met the people who live next door +jenny Ladd, whose her books are amazing,.. +the cafe wherewe had lunch, served.. +His flat, wich he bought..., is modern..

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