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My boyfriend invited  to me his birthday party. I spent all day to choose the clothes I was going to put on,  comb my hair and make amends to be perfect.

When I got there, he opened me The door and welcomed me with a big hug.I realized that there were many people And the place was very small,it was very hot i tried ignore it. On the good Side, my boyfriend was with me all the time and one of his friends took a Picture of us both. Later during the night, I went to the bathroom and when I Looked in the mirror I saw that there were large sweat stains under the Armpits, I tried to ignore it cover it the rest of the night, but it did not go Very well.

When the photos were posted on Facebook the next day, the Sweat stains under the armpits were the only things they noticed in the photo! Even One of friends commented: "Um, very sweaty"

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