I choose to live

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Compound nouns

Noun+noun         adjective+ noun      verbal+noun         noun+ verb

Saucepan              greenhouse            swimming pool        handshake

Policeman             software                  driving license          rainfall

Boyfriend              redhead                  postman                   haircut

Bedrooms              Shorthand               go-kart                      sunrise

Bathroom               nobleman               crossfire                   skydiving

Credit card             hot Dog                  cooking oil                day care

Firefly                    small Talk                




Preposition+ verb     preposition+ noun                  verb+ preposition

Output                        underline                                 comeback

Input                           online                                       hold up

Undercat                     afterlife                                      showoff

Forgetter                       by pass                                   check in

Uplift                              in looker                                  make up

Evert how                      up tone                                   comeback

Outbreak                                                                          drawn back

Out live                                                                             Pick Up

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