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I wouldn't like to be a mime because i think there are more bad things about do it, than good (things), for example if you do it bacause you like (it) and is your hobby it's all night, but if it's your job the people who see youdon't give you a lot of money, so you can't live only with it.

Another thing of being a mime that i don't like is all the make up that you need for the face, hands and all the parts of the body that aren't cover by clothes, an advantage is that you don´t need to think, what do i wear today? Because the mimes always wear only black and white clothes,so is too easy.

Of course I want to be a famous person, there are disadvantages but I think that the famous people are the person who live better. To famous people sometimes is difficult to find relationship or friendship because you don't know if they do it because it want or by interest. (50)
If you're famous you will have everything you want, because you are going to win a lot of money, another advantage from beeing famous is that everyone is going to be very friendly with you, you can have better things than normal people, but wherever you go you are going to have people taking you pictures or everything you do it's going to be public

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