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Be up to: estar a l’altura de..

get up to: fer el que no has d fer

look up to: admirar

check up on: comprovar

grow out of: madurar

stand up for: defensar a algu

get away with: desfer-te de

live up to: be as good as

get through to: fer entendre

look down on: despreciar

Defining; INFO needed (use that, no commas)

Non-defining; INFO NOT needed (not that, yes commas)

Obligation (7);

Present - must, have to

Past - had to

No Obligation;

don’t have to / needn’t

didn’t have to / needn’t have done


mustn’t / can’t

wasn’t allowed to / couldn’t


should(n’t) / shouldn’t have done

ought (not) to / ought (not) to have done

had better (not) - (Only for advice )


will, won’t,  must; i’m sure

should(n’t); i excpect this

could, may, might(not); it’s possible

can’t, couldn’t; it’s impossible

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