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GRAMMAR: Give/find/forced/succeed/has invented/uses/choose/is Selected/removes/was started/would change/hasn’t got/increases/seems/got/will Become.

VOCA: get in touch with/conceal/hazardous/disease/go On-take up/miserable/out of shape/figure out/?/courage/strengthen/pays Attention/kicks in/overdo it

GRAMMAR 2: Tim asked Jane if whether she had made her Decision/I had my sink repaired by a plumber/He may have forgotten to tell you About the party/If I had studied I wouldn’t have failed the exam/All the Students were invited to the party by John/It should be a good idea to ask Jenny for advice/ I had never been in New York/By Tuesday I will have finished The project/Val warned Mark not to do that/The inform has to be filled in by Tomorrow 

Tema 6:Bulletin board-tabla De anuncios/cheating-el copiar/fee-matricula/fur-pelaje/headteacher-director/janitor-conserge/schedule-calendario/tution-matricula/achieve-conseguir/cheat-copiar/drop Out-dejar(los studios)/enroll-matricularse/figure out-darse Cuenta/record-grabar/skp-saltarse/stand up for-defender/trick-engañar/wipe Out-exterminar/brand new-para estrenar/compulsory-obligatorio/get into Touble-meterse en problemas/let off the hook-dejar en paz/no trace of-ni rastro De

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