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when i was 20 years old i will be studying psychology 

in ten years i will be living with my boyfriend and a dog 
I think in the future the people will live more time
when i am 25 years old i will travel to many new countries 
when i am 27 years old i will be married and have a child 
make excuses/ make mistakes/make a fuss-montar un pollo/make an effort/make plans /make the bed/ make themost of 
do a favour/do good/do harm/do a lot of things/ do the housework/ do your best/ do your homework / he did his best- lo hizo lo mejorque pudo
alive/alive and kicking-vivito y coleando/ get a life/ life/lifestyle/lively colour/liven up /lifelike
it's up to you-tu decides
live your own life
overcome setbacks-superar los problemas
play it safe-ir a lo seguro 
rise to challenge 
sit back 
take charge of your own life -toma las riendas de tu propia vida 
take the easy option- tomar la opcion facil 
take the initiative - tomar la iniciativa 
 chuck it in-abandonarlo 
as long as- mientras 

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