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  1. Basement:sótano To order sth online:pedir A can of soup: una lata de sopa Aim: objetivo Seize the day: aprovechar el día To throw litter: Tirar la basura al suelo Health care: cuidado de la salud A swimming cap: un gorro de natación Economic growth: crecimiento económico.

  2. 1.am having 2.don`t look 3.does she have 4. are you looking 5.hate

3.Outgoing: Extrovertido Fleece: manga Mittens: manoplas Sensitive: sensible Sth  fits you: algo que te queda bien Short-sighted: corto de vista Understanding: comprensible Get changed: cambiarse Bangles: pulseras.

4.Muffins:C Cabbage:U Sauce:U Lettuce:C Meat:U Steak:C Jam:U

6.a.) Watching  b.) To go c.) Training d.) Playing e.) to sign

7.1. Score/Win 2. Lose/Keep 3. Came/Beat 4. Broke

8. a.) With b.) Over c.) Up d.) Away e.) Off

9. a.) Might have b.) Must have c.) Must d.) May e.) Can't have f.)Can`t

10. a.) Burst/Banks/Flooded b.) Struck/Earthquake/tsunami c.)Volcano/Erupts d.) Flows/Coast c.) Overlooks/Bay

11.a.) ,Who have worked together for ten years, are starting a new environmental project in Africa. B.) tells a story of a group of people living on a desert island, where they have a lot of adventures. c.) ,that is in the middle of Manhattan, is the favourite place of many people. d.) about polar bears, which was on channel 1 last night, has won many awards.

12. a.) Dislocated b.) Bruise c.) Scratches d.) Wrist e.) Sprained

13. a.) get b.) will give c.) will live

14. a.) I wouldn't touch b.) didn´t have c.) Would you do

15. a.) Would stop b.) did c.) wasn`t

16. a.) I wouldn't have called the emergency number b.) where to go If we hadn't taken map c.) to the radio, you wouldn't have known about the traffic d.) an accident if he hadn't fallen asleep      

17. a.) A lot of damage has been caused by the flood. b.) The chicken was cooked with olive oil by baby-sister. c.) My neighbours´ house is being painted at the moment by them.  d.) Spain will be visited this year again by a lot of tourists

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