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Could you live in a world without Access to the Internet

In The last decade, new advances in technology have modified our lifestyle. A Clear example of these would be the Internet, since we use it daily and we Depend on it to carry out even the simplest activities. So, sometimes I wonder, Could I live without having access to the Internet?

As Far as I am concerned, living without access to the web is beyond all doubt Since I use it every day and I need it for a lot of tasks.

Moreover, The online time is mainly spent on networks like Facebook, Tuenti, Instagram, Youtube and Google. For teenagers, Internet is a means but they can’t live. The Most entertaining, the most informative and even begins to have more Credibility than television.

The Internet has entered their lives outright, not only set as one of their Favourite activities, but they also devote a lot of time, and it is configured As a meeting with their peer group. Moreover, it calls into question the role Of television as a primary means of communication generalized scape.

We Must admit that the Internet is important because it offers us a more agile way Of working, to be connected with the world news and to know what is happening In real time.

In Conclusion, I think that although it is hard to say, nowadays technology is a Necessity, not a luxury.

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