I choose to live

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VERBOS: VERB + TO INFINITIVE: Agree ask can´t wait choose decide expect hope learn promise swear plan refuse seen wish want tell order command warn want + to infDiscover understand remember forget + (What where..) + to inf. Verb + FOR + objet + to inf. VERBS + ING FORM: Admit deny avoid can´t face postpone put off enjoy fancy finish give up consider stop mind suggest regret + ing. Thinking of feel like approve of +ing. Can´t stand (aguantar) can´t help(evitar) it´s not use it´s no good is not woth. Would like would have would prefer would hat. VERBOS QUE ADMITEN AMBAS: Start continue propose bother like love prefer hate. VERBS + INFINITIVES WITHOUT TO: After modal verbs. ´better ´rather (preferiría) después de make/let + objet y de verbos sensoriales see hear feel

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