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Erik/ Phantom/Angel of Music: Erik is a man who lives in a labyrinth underneath the Paris Opera House. His face was deformed since birth, and he always wears a mask. He was a great architect and musician. He falls in love with Christine and fights bitterly for her affections. He “haunts” the opera house and demands that it be run a certain way.Christine Daaé:Christine is a Swedish soprano for the Paris Opera House. She is the daughter of a renowned violin player, but he died when she was young. She worked in the ballet chorus before the Angel of Music helped train her voice. She fell in love with both Erik and Raoul, her childhood sweetheart. She is forced to choose between the two men when Erik kidnaps her.Raoul, Viscounte ofChagny: Raoul is Christine’s lover. They were childhood sweethearts before her father died. When Raoul attends a gala, he hears Christine’s voice and falls in love with her again. He fights Erik for Christine’s affections.The Persian/Daroga: The Persian is Erik’s only connection to the outside world. When the Shah wanted Erik killed, the Persian helped Erik escape. For that, he was stripped of his title. He flees to Paris, and becomes a permanent fixture at the Paris Opera House. He shows Raoul where Erik’s lair is, and tries to help him rescue Christine.Philippe, counte of chagny: Phillippe is Raoul’s older brother and the head of the family estate. While he is a congenial man, he is opposed to Raoul and Christine’s match. He wants to stop their relationship at all costs.Moncharmin, Richard  armand:New owners of the Paris Opera House. They do not understand opera, and do not enjoy Erik’s interference in what they see as a business.Madame Giry:Madame Giry is an elderly concierge at the Paris Opera House. Though she does not know Erik, she learns to trust and listen to his voice. She carries Erik’s monthly “salary” and delivers it to Box Five.The Shah of Persia:The Shah of Persia brought Erik to build a palace filled with secret corridors and chambers. He orders that Erik be killed, though, so the secrets of his palace cannot be revealed.

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