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A.What are you doing(do)?

B.I'm watching(watch) this film.

A.But you don't like (not like)

B.I know, I usually hate(hate) them.Do you want*

A.Susie's here and we are studying for our English

A.Yes we have(have) a test every Friday.

A.Are you using(use) this computer?

B.No the boss is waiting(wait) for me.

A.Because I need(need) to use it.

A.It isn't working(not work) at the moment and I

wont(want) to send an e-mail.

A.What does he study(study)?

B.He´s doing his final exams at the moment.

A.She's fine too. She's working in a shop at the…

She wants(want) to go travelling this summer.

Catch Caught Caught coger

break broke broken romper

bring brought brought traer

run ran ran correr

understand understood2 entender

forget forgot forgotten olvidar

drive drove driven manejar

choose chose chosen elegir

fall fell fallen caer

speak spoke spoken hablar

A. Four people

B. Space

A.Air conditioning

Fill In

1.Whose 7.What

2.Who 8.How often

3.When 9.How many

4.How much 10.Where

5.Which 11.How long


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