I choose to live

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"Have you seen the new Batman movie?" He asked me if I ______ seen the new Batman movie. A) had ()
"Why is she crying?" He asked me why she __________ crying. A) was ()
"Does she like sushi?" He asked me if she __________ sushi. A) liked ()
"Are you coming to the concert?" She asked me __________ I was coming to the concert on Friday. A) if ()
"Where are they going?" He asked me where they __________ going. A) were ()
"Do you know where Owen lives?" She asked me if I ___________ where Owen lived. A) knew ()
"Can we watch TV?" We asked him if we __________ watch TV. A) could ()
"What are you doing on Friday?" She asked me what I was __________ on Friday. A) doing ()
"Do you know where the town center is?" They asked me if I __________ where the town center was. A) knew ()
"Where do you live?" He asked me where I __________ . A) lived ()

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