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putoff,recommend,risk,suggest VERBO+ING



refuse,seem,tend,threaten,want,would.Liketo  TO+INF



help,le,make: INFINI SIN TO/ Amb:begin,continue,intend,start


There’s no time for small talk ; we have important business

 Let’s toast for the success of our company! Cheers!

The candidate was happy and surprisedshe was Shortlisted.

 In our company, we try to create a(n) Non-judgmental.______

 The new employee was under a __ Probationary period

vacancy (POST), cope with (DEAL WITH) curvitae(RÉSUMÉ)

covering letter (COVER LETTER,assess (EVALUATE)

At the party I didn’t know  to BREAK THE ICE  people.

He GOT INTO HOT WATER / over his comments

I was worried that ..They GOT ON LIKE A HOUSE ON FIRE

I am LIKE A FISH OUT OF WATER at my new job, I don’t know

The talk was a REAL EYE-OPENER, I learnt lots of new

  1. 1Will advertise a new job position/ Shortlist the candidates
  2. Assemble an interview panel/Call the candidates to interview
  3. Check the references/The panel is satisfied
  4. Will make a job offer/Will make a job offer
  5. Induction sessions/Trained
  1. Sorry! I am glad to hear that you are having a baby.  W
  2. ‘I’m sorry, I haven’t seen you Don’t worry, after you’.    R                                                                                                                                                  R
  3. I’m scared that I can’t accept this job; thank you fo. W
  4. ‘Dinner was 40€ - here is my 20€’. ‘N it's on me’. R
  5. Please, do you know what time it is?   W
  6. Welcome to my house! Come make yourself at homeR
  7. Please help yourself to some more cake, I ma   R
  8. I don't mind telling people about my allergies; it's  R
  9. I heard you failed your driving test. Bad luck!              R
  10. Cheers? I didn't hear you. Could you please repeat W

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