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OUR SCHOOL:1)Our school "IES TB" is a spectacular secondary school. We can use in the break the movile phone but we musn't use it while we are in class. We don't have to wear uniform, we can what we like want but in P.E is compulsory to tracksuit.//2)We have to study compulsory subjects like maths,english... However, we can choose some subjects such as ICT, drama,etc. We don't have too many homework, normally I spend one hour. There are a lot of exams and we have to work hard.//3)We divide our school year into three terms.Our a day is very long beacause we start the classes at 8:00A.M and they finished at 2:00P.M. However we end the lessons at 3:00P.M on tuesday and thursday.

OBLIGACIÓN: must/have/need to PROHIBICIÓN:musn´t
CONSEJO:should/ought to NECESIDAD: don't need(have) to.

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