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The most important Person I have tended in my life, has been my grandmother.My grandmother Loved me a lot and also taught me things very important as it is, the Camaraderie, be honest and try to behave well with others. I also bought many Sweets and toys. I have a good Memory of her since she was a good person.

Be was / were been

Become became become

Begin began begun

Bring brought brought

Buy bought bought

choose chose chosen

come came come

do did done

drink drank drunk

drive drove driven

eat ate eaten

fall fell fallen

feel felt felt

find found found

fly flew flown

forget forgot forgotten

get got got 

give gave given

go went gone

have had had

hear heard heard

keep kept kept

know knew known

leave  left  left

lend lent lent

let let let

lose lost lost

make made made

meet met met

paypaid paid

put put put

read read read

run ran run

say said said

see saw seen

sell sold sold

send sent sent

sing sang sung

sit sat sat

sleep slept slept

speak spoke spoken

stand stood stood

swim swam swum

take took taken

teach taught taught

tell told told

think  thought thought

understand understood understood

wear wore  worn

write wrote written

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