I choose to live

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1)if i won 1 millon, i´d celebrate/2) if i had more time, i'd travel more
3) if jhon coul choose? Where he would live/4) if i told colin, would he keep a secret?
5) if i met bond, i´d ask for an autougraph/6) if i lived in france, i'd speak french
1) i would travel around the world 2) he would leave his ¿Mife? Fir me
3) i would try to kiss her 4) i wouldn't see teacher damian next semester
5)i would see the teacher damian next semester
1) if i had dropped, she would have seeen her face in 
2) if i hadn't done that moves, i wouln't have broken his nose
3) if i had taken her to cat a hot dog, she wouldn´t laugued my face
1) richar norris has a gun accident
2) he took away his lips, nose and togue
3)the donor also donated a heart, both lugs, a liver and a kidney

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