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work abroad
Every year, more people are templed by the idea of going to live abroad to work, especially when they are offered a good job.

Going to work abroad has a lot of advantages, the main advantage is that living in another country gives you new experiences, for example learning about another cultures, and practice another language.
Another advantage is that you can earn more money. Choosing to live abroad is related to the money you are going to earn, Its more than you earn in your current job, you will have a better lifestyle.

On the other hand there are some disadvantages. Although you can get good experiences, living in another country can be disappointing. The possibility of missing a lot of things is quiet high, for example feeling lonely or have homesick, and what is more when you live in a different country.

To finish going to live abroad has both advantages and disadvantages. It depends on your predisposition and your personality.

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