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Most people live in a city, which indicates that it has more advantages and therefore people prefer the city over the country. In my opinion, like most citizens, I think it is better to live in a city.

First of all, in a city it is more comfortable to go shop because you can always have a store near as well as many varieties. There are usually are more offers because there are more shops and the products are cheaper. And you can have supermarkets open round the clock.

Secondly, in a city you can have giant important facility like for example: a hospital, health centre in each neighbourhood, schools near the place of residence which can be public or private schools. And the cultural offer is very wide for example theater, cinema… 

In conclusion, I think it is better to live in a city if you like the comfort and have a wide range of services, even though it also has downside.

It is difficult to choose between spending more money on public transport or on making new roads, because achieve both ideas would be stunning, but as the mayor will only make one of the two proposals. I think it is more important to make roads because it is more necessary to renovate them or a new one.

First of all, even if they are not renovated, and thus be able to reach all neighborhoods. It is better because that way you can go wherever you want with the car or with public transport even if they are not renewed, and so we can arrive all the neighborhoods.

On the one hand, the roads have an easy maintenance that reduces traffic jam, they do not give any problem. On the other hand, public transport give problems because it breaks down easily and that leads to spending more money. It also gives some benefit to those who work to make roads because this process would give them work.

In conclusion, I think road building is more important because it is something you can use round the clock.

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