Chronicle of a Death Foretold: commentary

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1.1-The Chronicle: the term chronic brings us to one of the genders periodisticos.La chronic Press style is defined by ke is between the news, reviews and reportaje.G.Marquez wrote articles, reports and editorials in many periodcos . primner From a work point asking for recognition of a synthesis between literature and journalism. K is true does not exactly match the standards required by the Chronicle reporters, but meet some of ellas.Por example there is a real historical basis of treatment is however hechos.Sin result of the free imagination of some critics that autor.Para linking of the work with journalism detracts ke aunk are the cnsideran muxos's a masterpiece. "Chronicle of a Death Foretold" is a two-faced in the k TXT cnvergen novelist and chronicler periodista.Corresponden to press the following : cordenadas precision of temporary space, real basis of the event, interviews with witnesses 3.The; 4.The narrator travels to the place dl dl incident. / / correspond to the following aspctos novelist :1-the structuring techniques of the narrative (timing jitter, multiperspectivismo) 2-the-nombres.3 changes in hyperbole.

1.2 The perspectivism: It was noted the character of the novel's narrative polyphony, ie k know the story through different voices. The continuous movement of the narrator's point of view, witnesses and sources, give the play the novel cndicion of multiperpectivistica, the k implies the presence of an active reader k coupling all the pieces. There are many examples that we have to see this large amount of views on the same reality (the time to ke, guilt or innocence of S. Nasar). Yegan Even variations occur in a single individual perspective, as with Victoria Guzman and Santiago Nasar. At first sight we have a narrator omnisciente.Sin a closer look but let us see k ste d served for several elemntos recnstruir what happened: the investigation, the autopsy report, letters from his mother, the manifestations of the witnesses and their own recuerdos.Cuando the narrator uses or remembers what sbe k trcera uses and adopts a Enfoke person omniscient. When both character and narrator, uses l 1 person. / / In some sequences, the narrator is in some way presente.En general, one can say that in the passages where the narrative is the narrator's point of view is expressed with a degree of objectivity, are impregnated cmbio descriptions of subjectivity.

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