Chronicles of a Death Foretold

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Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez


From the first lines of Chronicle of a Death Foretold, the reader already knows the ending of the novel, which are known causes of the much-heralded death of Santiago Nasar and how the events that cost him his life. Step by step, through different accounts, is being built a chronicle of one of the most heavily advertised deaths.


The day they killed Santiago Nasar got up at 5:30 in the morning, after attending the day before the wedding of Angela Vicario. Way to the port to greet the bishop who came by boat to give the blessing to the people. James was the only child of a marriage of convenience, was rich, his father was an Arab, had a farm and liked guns, while her mother was sensible and just loved his son.

That morning, James was a headache and had weird dreams last night, but neither he nor his mother, Placida Linero, foresaw the danger that awaited him. White linen dress came out after breakfast. Victoria Guzmán, the cook, was aware they were going to kill Santiago, but did not say anything because basically, Victoria Guzman wanted to kill him. On the ground, had a warning letter to Santiago, where you specify who would be killed, for what reasons and what time they would, but when James came out, neither he nor anyone else saw it until after the murder.

Santiago Nasar went out the front door and headed toward the harbor. As he passed by Clotilde Armenta's store, Pedro and Pablo Vicario, twins aged 24, and were waiting to kill Santiago, however, Clotilde asked them to stop their business and then out of respect for the bishop.

The bishop did not lower the boat and from there gave his blessing. Santiago was disappointed, having expected to kiss his hand. On his return he met Margot, the sister of the narrator, who invited James to the house for breakfast, but he promised to return as soon as change of clothing. Many who were in the harbor at Santiago Nasar knew that they would kill him. Don Lázaro Aponte, municipal mayor, believed that it was in no danger, also, Father Carmen Amador. When Margot was walking toward his house, he learned of the scandal that was circulating: the beautiful Angela Vicario, who had married the day before, had been returned to her parents because her husband found that there was a virgin. Nobody could explain how it was that poor Santiago Nasar finished engaged in similar mess, but I knew for sure that Angela's brothers were waiting to kill him. Margot told his mother the possible tragedy and she ran quickly to tell Placida about assassination attempts against his son, however, when he was on the street, told him it was too late, Santiago had already been killed.


Bayardo San Roman, the man who returned to the wife, had come for the first time in August last year, six months before the wedding. He had been around 30 years, was very rich, her golden eyes, narrow waist and looked like a sad man. No one ever knew what actually came, it was said that walked from town to town looking girl to marry. The night was intimated in the film who was an engineer of trains and spoke of the urgency of building a railroad. Never established exactly how he and Angela met, but supposedly one days Bayard Angela saw walking down the street with his mother and said he would marry her, then, there was a fair where various things were auctioned and Angela was who sang the figures. Bayardo bought all the raffle items and especially the gramophone, which he sent home from Angela wrapped and decorated for his birthday gift.

Angela Vicario was the youngest daughter of a family of scarce resources. His father, Pontius Vicario, was blind and poor Goldsmith. Purisima del Carmen, his mother was a schoolteacher until she married. The two older daughters were married Pura late and a daughter died of fever intermediate crepuscular.

Angela was the most beautiful of the four, but he had a helpless air and a poverty of spirit that awaited an uncertain future.

In a very short time, Bayardo San Román, proposed to Angela. She was not convinced to become his wife, but he had stuck with her charms to the family and also Vicar was a great blessing, taking into account the social status of the family. Angela's mother requested that Bayardo San Román establishing his identity, because until then nobody knew who he was. Bayardo brought his family to end the various guesses and gossip in town about their identity. There were four: mother, Alberta Simonds, a big mulatto who spoke Castilian Curacao mixed with Papiamento, the sisters finished flowering, two colts seemed restless and father, the great letter: General Petronio San Román, hero civil wars of the last century and one of the greatest glories of the Conservative regime have put to flight by Colonel Aureliano Buendia in Tucurinca disaster.

The wedding day was set early and had been before but for the grief that would keep the Vicar. This was to be held in Vicar family home, which required renovations to the number of guests, including Bayardo rented the homes of neighbors to have more space for dancing. Also, I was ready the new home of the couple, a house on the hill belonging to the widower Xius and was the most beautiful house of the people, because from there you could see paradise without limits of purple anemones covered swamps, and clear days of summer could see the clear horizon of the Caribbean and transatlantic tourists from Cartagena de Indias.

Nobody would have thought that Angela Vicario was not a virgin, as no one had known any former boyfriend and had grown along with her sisters under the rigor of a mother of iron. She wanted to commit suicide but decided lack of courage to tell her mother, who assured him that most women lost their virginity in childhood accidents and had tricks to fool the husband to the replacement of other sheets that could display in his first am a newlywed, the linen sheet with the stain of honor. Angela married illusion and Bayardo San Roman had to marry with the hope to buy happiness with the weight of its enormous power and wealth, for the more increased the party plans, plus ideas of delirium occurred to him to make it bigger . General Petronio San Roman and his family arrived on a ship of ceremonies for the National Congress, along with several distinguished guests and many gifts. The boyfriend bought her a convertible car with his name engraved in Gothic letters and the bride gave him a case covered with pure gold.

The final act ended at six o'clock, when they parted the guests of honor and the ship was with the lights on, leaving a trail of piano waltzes. The newlyweds came shortly after and discovered in the car after celebrating a while, Bayardo ordered to continue dancing on their behalf and took the terrified wife to the house of your dreams where the widower Xius had been happy. The public revelry dispersed in fragments until midnight. Santiago Nasar, who liked to make calculations on the cost of the party, was partying and drinking with the narrator, Henry, Cristo Bedoya and even with the Vicario brothers 5 hours before he was killed.

At dawn, Bayardo San Roman gave his mother Angela Vicario, without uttering a single word, then said goodbye to Pure with a kiss on the cheek.

Pura Vicario beat her with a lot of anger at her daughter and when the twins returned home, a little before three in the morning, Angela heard a sentence that was against Santiago Nasar, who allegedly stripped her of her virginity.


A lawyer for the Vicar sustained the thesis of homicide in legitimate defense of honor, which was admitted by the court of conscience, and the twins said after the trial that they had done a thousand times more for the same reasons. The twins have surrendered to his church a few minutes after the crime. Both were exhausted by the work barbaric death, and their clothes were soaked and arms.

They had begun to search for Santiago Nasar in the home of Alexandrina Maria Cervantes, but it was certainly never have gone out of there, because Mary Alexandrina, who had a home business appointments with mulatto, he had a deep respect for Santiago, who was a teenager in love with her until her father discovered the affair. Therefore, the twins were to wait in the house of Clotilde Armenta.

There has never been a death more foretold. After the sister revealed to them the name, the Vicario twins went through the shell of the pen, where they kept their knives for butchering pigs, and chose the best two they had. All wrapped in a cloth and went to sharpen them in the meat market. Faustino Santos, a butcher friend, saw them enter at 3:20 and while sharpening their knives twins announced they were going to kill Santiago. Nobody paid any attention because they thought they were drunk, but Faustino saw a light of truth in Pablo Vicario's threat and told him what happened to a policeman who happened to buy a pound of liver for breakfast the mayor. The agent called Pornoy Leandro, who came to Clotilde Armenta's store when the twins were sitting waiting.

Clotilde Armenta had a shop selling food at dawn and milk during the day, and was transformed into a bar from six in the afternoon. That morning, Clotilde was up early because I wanted to finish selling the milk before the bishop arrived.

The Vicario brothers came at 4:10 and they announced, they were looking for Santiago Nasar to kill him. Leandro Pornoy agent, who was the mayor's milk, he understood the intentions of the brothers and told the Colonel Lazaro Aponte. He went home from Clotilde and only confiscated the knives to the brothers. Clotilde was disappointed, having expected to arrest the twins to ascertain the truth of the conflict. The Vicario brothers had told their purpose more than a dozen people who went to buy milk, and they had reported all over before six. A Clotilde seemed impossible not to know anything in the house Santiago so I sent an urgent message to Victoria Guzman, the maid of Santiago, Santiago to warn of danger. Clotilde had not finished selling the milk when the Vicario brothers returned with two knives wrapped in newspaper.

Faustino Santos could not understand why the twins had returned to sharpen their knives, and hear them shouting they were going to get the guts to Santiago, drunk and thought they were exaggerating, however, Clotilde noticed that the twins had the same determination as before to kill Santiago.

Pedro Vicario, according to self, was the one who made the decision to kill Santiago Nasar, and at first his brother did nothing but follow him. But it was he who seemed to fulfill the commitment when disarmed the mayor, and Pablo Vicario, who was then assumed command.

When the twins left the sty with the other knives, Prudence went home Cotes, Pablo Vicario's girlfriend. Prudence knew about the intentions of the brothers and never had been married to Paul if he had not fulfilled as a man. Cotes Prudence stood waiting in the kitchen until she saw them leave, and kept waiting for three years until Paul Vicario was released from prison and was her husband's life. From there, the twins went to the store to wait Clotilde victim. Santiago Nasar entered his home at 4:20 after being first in the party, later, along with Luis Enrique, the narrator and Bedoya, went home for the couple to burst crackers in honor of the couple and was eventually Alexandrina Maria's house until after three. Luis Enrique, meanwhile, came home very drunk and fell asleep in the bathroom, while the narrator was in the house of Mary Alexandrina.

At 5:30, Victoria Guzman Santiago woke up to go to receive the bishop, but said nothing about the message they had sent. In addition, Luis Enrique had seen the twins before returning home, but was too drunk to remember what you said or what he said. The next morning, without waking heard the first roar of the bishop's boat. Then he slept deeply, exhausted by the partying and woke him up a hysterical cry of her sister Margot who said they had killed Santiago.


The ravages of the knives were only the beginning of the autopsy inclement Amador Carmen's father was forced to ask Santiago Nasar by the absence of Dr. Dionisio Iguarán. Seven of the many wounds were fatal. He had been wounded in the pancreas, lung, liver, arm, hand, etc. An autopsy was performed within a public school in the village.

Meanwhile, the Vicario brothers were locked up in jail, unable to sleep because his body and his clothes smelled of Santiago, in fact, the whole town smelled of Santiago Nasar. They thought they would want to kill them in retaliation for his act. The fear of the twins responded to the mood of the street.

Colonel Aponte asked the Arab community to see if they planned to retaliate against the Vicar, but the community suffered its only loss.

Vicario family left town full, to the eldest daughters with their husbands, on the initiative of Colonel Aponte. They went to Manaure without anyone noticing, near Riohacha, where prisoners were twins. There was Prudence Cotes Pablo Vicario to marry when he was acquitted. Pedro Vicario, without love and employment, 3 years later rejoined the Armed Forces, earned the first sergeant's insignia.

For the vast majority, there was only one victim: Bayardo San Román, who returned after Angela, drank so much on the hill of Xius who found him in a state of emergency for alcohol poisoning. Bayardo's mother and his sisters were to accompany him on the penalty. After they left the village and both the house on the hill as the car convertible, disintegrated over the years.

After 23 years, the narrator saw Angela Vicario on the terrace of a house. She never made any mystery of his misfortune and asked him who had their details with the exception of the secret that was never clarified: who he was, how and when the true cause of his injury, because nobody believed that James had actually been Nasar, who was too proud to notice her. Angela said that always stuck in his memory the image of Bayardo and if he cried or felt sorry it was for him. Angela saw it one day out of a hotel, but he did not see it. He was born all over again and she turned him crazy as a loon. Thereafter he began to write, the letters gradually became a week, but there was no response. Angela was enough to know that he was receiving the, but it was like writing to nobody.

Early one morning, for the tenth year, was awakened by the certainty that he was naked in his bed. Angela then wrote him a letter 20 sheets feverish in which shamelessly dropped the bitter truths that had rotted in the heart from fatal night. But there was no response and thereafter was no longer aware of what he wrote for sure, but he continued doing for 17 years.

A half day of August, while Angela embroidered with her friends, Bayardo San Román, more fat and old, appeared with a suitcase with clothes and a suitcase to stay the same with almost two thousand letters she had written, sorted by date, in packets sewn with colored ribbons and all unopened.


The general impression was that Santiago Nasar died without understanding his death. After Margot promised that he would go to breakfast, Cristo Bedoya took him by the arm by the spring. Shaium Jamil, an Arab merchant, was the only one left to wait for James to prevent upon hearing the rumor. Cristo Bedoya, after saying goodbye to Santiago, went to Yamil and just heard a briefing, ran from the store in search of Santiago. It seemed impossible that he had come to her home in so little time, but still came to ask him, searched his room and took the gun at Santiago to give it if needed. Placida Linero met, but did not dare tell her about the threat of the Vicar and without further explanation left for him. In the town, he met with Father Amador, but did not think I could do for Santiago Nasar anything different to save the soul. He went to the port again when he heard himself called the twins from the store Clotilde, so Cristo Bedoya told to be careful because James was armed. At the door of the Social Club, Bedoya met Colonel Lázaro Aponte and told him what had happened in the store Clotilde. Aponte promised to deal with the case, but first entered the Social Club to confirm an appointment and when he ruled out because the crime was consummated. Cristo Bedoya then made his only mistake mortal thought that Santiago Nasar had resolved late breakfast at the home of Margot and went to look there. As we rounded the last corner, acknowledged back to Margot's mother, but she, in tears, told him she had killed him.

While I was looking Cristo Bedoya, Santiago Nasar had entered the house of Flora Miguel, his girlfriend and future wife for the next Christmas Eve. Flora Miguel woke up that Monday with the first roar of the ship and soon after the bishop learned that the Vicario twins were waiting to kill Santiago. Santiago had just left the store Cristo Bedoya Shaium Yamil they came to see his girlfriend she threw the box with the love letters he had written and he wanted to kill him. Flora's father Miguel Santiago explained to the twins wanted to kill him and that he could hide there or take a gun to defend themselves. Santiago rushed out of there and went toward his house. When driving home, saw the brothers and Clotilde Santiago shouted to run to safety. Five minutes earlier, in the kitchen, Victoria Guzman had told Placida Linero what everyone knew. In the room where he was mopping Divina Flor's daughter, Victoria Guzman, Santiago Nasar was a walk in the door of the square. Placida Linero then saw the paper with the warning on the ground, but did not think to pick it up. Through the door he saw the vicar who came running toward the house with naked knives. From where she was, could see them, but could not see his son running from the other angle to the door, and as he thought he already was in and get the twins wanted to kill him within the house, ran to the door and slammed. I was passing the bar when he heard the cries of his son and the fists of terror in the door, but believed he was up insulting the Vicario brothers from the balcony of his bedroom and went to help.

James needed only minutes to go when you closed the door. The twins stabbed him several times and waited to be shot down but it did not fall and as the brothers, it seemed that she was laughing. When they thought they had killed him then ran toward the church. Santiago got up, holding the entrails, and tried to enter through the kitchen door, through the house of a neighbor puzzled by the noise and the appearance of Santiago, and as he entered his house and died.


SANTIAGO NASAR: Main character. Young man in a village in the Caribbean, heir to an estate and fortune. He is killed by the Vicario twins. Catholic believer, like the pachanga. She never knew that they would kill him until minutes before it happened.

Angela Vicario: Main character. Young woman who marries Bayardo San Román but returned to her family when her husband realized it was not virgen.Ángela was the most beautiful of four sisters, but she had a helpless air and a poverty of spirit when he was young. When is larger, is persistent in trying to get her husband sent the letters for 17 years and has brazenly and disproportion his misfortune last.

Bayardo San Roman: Supporting character. Young rich family who goes to town to get women to marry. It is sad-eyed and proud.

PETER PAUL AND VICAR of minor. Santiago Nasar is murdered to save the honor of his sister. They are religious, moralistic and like the pachanga.

NARRATOR: Main character. Seek the truth of events in the murder of Santiago Nasar and based on interviews, forms the story. Cousin of the vicar and great friend of Santiago Nasar.


  • Chronicle of a Death Foretold is precisely what the title suggests, the chronicle of the much-heralded death of Santiago Nasar. The literary structure is based on interviews with friends and acquaintances about Santiago Nasar, and the description of events from different angles in the form of newspaper reporting. Gabriel García Márquez grabs the reader from the beginning of history, even when they are knows the end from the beginning, it keeps us in suspense throughout the story.
    Bibliography; Encarta and pages of GG M.

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