Chronicles of a Death Foretold

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the posisicion the author: the often narrated the work dede contarns dento d the baby, and eya participating protagonita cm, cm cm secondary characters or simply witnesses. The time: the desordn cronológik 1 d ls d estructurals features the great novel of the twentieth sg The acsión is divided into 5 chapters, and everything goes ded 5.30 d ata ls 7 d on Monday morning in February, is kuado acció spends a day hard work. Characters: Santiago Nasar: Arabic, roco, with farm and good inheritance, Unik and uefano d Ijo father 1person obsessively concerned about his image person, flax d costumes, weapons, try to pretend nobility and dignity, but by next autumn, sexually abused young d and d the prostitute falls locament main dl people, maria Alenjandrina. Brothers vicar d is the characterize of brutality, irrationality, drink inhnumana d 1 form and repeat the duty to kill Santiago to clean your honor, idiots and drunks, the hexo cerds dk are breeders and butchers, dl is the horror simbolik.señala crimen.sino the accusation was false ond po Angela Vicario Hueber not murder, and the most beautiful of the vicar but the trigger for the tragedy. Bayardo San Román: 1 ombre is rich in notable family country, handsome, virile, well-trained, athletic, good drinker and talkative, he is arrogant cm to 1 person and get lk acostunbreda is popone, enslaving, incapax d suffer the wound in his orgue d husband cheated, collapses and emborranxa, and people will have pain, appears in the last chapter, fat and broth, devoid of all former beauty. Space and environment: from 70 d ls should destacars cm novelty, descriptions cierts k freshener abandon its traditional role to adkiri 1 value though this now more common, the description ek poéticament serve to transmute the reality and asentuar problema.en book allusions abound: the heat, pestilence, recalls the trash after the party d, highway and murder, 1 atmosphere creates a very unpleasant k eta agreement: No single crime dnunciad cn, sn tb on to moral misery cn d ls d most characters, no doubt the intention k dl author is to produce disgust. Language Style: Overlay d estils and records, pa d cultur reflects the peculiarity of 1 d ls cn 1 Latin American countries and dl-expressive use Poetik dense, it Destak hiperbólik expression, the use of irony. Topics: the subject is the RESPA solectiva, investment d ls values morals, honor, maxismo assume tragic fate, violence, loneliness of vistimas, death, the ways of love, religious hypocrisy, and the unmet buskedad d truth.

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