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Joan Maragall
Maragall's poetry: poetry, politics and spiritual singing nationalist songs (the flag).
Poet-secular despite being Catholic. 1st Catalan poet of modernity (romantic).
Get-a significant impact on the literary society of his time. To search for realistic and sincere.
Theory of the living word: very pronounced relationship between their feelings and nature.
Read-writers and other literary traditions tradueix.El poet Goethe profundament.Faust brand (especially in that book was devoted to translating Maragall).
Nineteenth century, covers Italy.
-Influenced by the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (vitalism optimistic). This was a weight on his ideological worldview and art.
(Conservative Home identified with the bourgeoisie to which he belongs, but also advocate Catalanists of options and ideas that are often advanced lenfronten with their social class, one gets to be heard and respected intellectual.) Wrote newspaper articles in Spanish and Catalan.
-Poetry is basically sound and rhythm,
is a sensory impression, like music.
We read poetry from the perspective of culture and the time is incerida.
In this case (Maragall) European culture.
Poetry produces images.

What is a symbol? Sensitive element which is taken as a sign of another because of a figurative analogy that lenteniment seen each other or of a literary convenció.Figura establishes a similarity between two elements and that their significance is complex: it can be inexhaustible. It has a social level, that is, everyone interprets this symbol with similar meaning.
Examples of symbols: "The flag (set of people, Catalan flag, starry = independence." The Cross of Christ (Christianity). "The white dove (symbol of peace)." Colors of arch St.Martin (homosexual identification .)
Mountains (Joan Maragall)
See-a source = savoring the mysteries of the Earth.
"When you walk just a natural place for us phoneme with nature.
"We speak of the mysteries of the Earth.
It's romantic because it uses the symbol font.

TOPICS Joan Maragall
The issues are always: Lamor, death, nature, history, philosophy, politics, privacy and the poet is poble.Tot the same subjects, the greatness of a poet depends on the intensity.

Maragall thought that there are certain subjects that are not worthy of ---- such as sadness, and langoixa depressió.El pesimosmo is harmful, so the poet moral hygiene deveria aislarse Because your vehicle of poetry could be infected.

ODE TO SPAIN (Joan Maragall)
Political fact: This work concerns the colonial crisis following the war Cuba.Es shows the position of Maragall, the Catalan front and paralyzing politics of government and the attempt to change the restoration and regeneration.
Argument: Catalonia speak Catalan in Spain, which Spain has no memory of glory, because if you kill the blood is life, "remember that Spain has no honor, reflecting the pointless death of soldiers in front Cuban calls to Spain save it, leave Spain for a possible independence, Maragall reflects spirit of the moment, Catalonia is the difference industrialization (1998).
Notes: economy mark the evolution of societies, national lexaltació at this historic moment Catalan nationalism are creative, Gaudi was a nationalist (and feel his art), literature of that country now has a texture, 1906 Catalan Solidarity (u win anything).
Blind Cow (Joan Maragall)
Context Analysis: This poem was written on a summer vacation to St. John the Abadesses.El poem that is talking about natura.El poet saw in nature the possibility of life, regeneration, the poem is salud.Aquest a poem in the book group Pyrenean Poetry.
Content Analysis: He explains the movement of a cow, a blind boy hit a rock of St. John the Abadesas, descriptive details of the author are those that reflect the emotion plays sent.La cow people suffering and sense of mercy.
Analysis of expression: The poem is composed decasíl verse poetry, art and more in terms of rhyming verses are white, although there are some rhymes assonants.El poem is structured as follows: there are three trio and a quartet dècima.En and the first stanza presents the figure, a vaca.A the second stanza explains the cause of the situation tràgica.En the third stanza the author looks at the situation as tragic dintensificar remembering past times with the fourth present.A We stanza reflects the movement of the cow until the fifth stanza cau.I finally to verse 23 reflects the movement of the tail.
Conclusion: It is a much celebrated poem Maragall, because everyone and project what he presents us with the cow as sent.També blind and explains how to do aigua.Laigua is the symbol of life, so that this tragedy has reflected with life and we try to say that the cow was clashing with the items were for her life before but now mort.Encara elements are, however, prefers the cow lived.

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