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Hello my name is Oscar and this year I'm going to graduate from high school so my friends and I are planning to go on holidays all together. The idea is to rent an apartment in the centre of Madrid a beautiful city so we can do whatever we want there, because you have everything.
Then we have planned to go dancing every night or to have dinner at a very beautiful restaurant in front of the beach and then go to a pub and drink something. In the mornings we will sleep and then wake up at lunchtime, have something to eat and go to the beach till sunset.
So that is our plan for this summer, we are going to have a great time together with my friends because
it is a nice friendship and we will never forget this type of things we do all together... But I'm worried because I want everything to go well and cost us the first few days to live. My friends do not seem concerned but I do think it will all come out perfect. I hope they are the best holidays of my life because I'm with people I most love Alex, Javier, Antonio. Next trip to Madrid.

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