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Reported speech=Cambs. Verbs. P.S-Past.S/P.C-Past.C/Past.S-Pst.P/Pr.P-Past.P/will-would/must-have to/can-could. A)statements.B)questions.C)orders= sujeto+ask/order+object+to/not to+infinitive. Relative clause= en las especificativas se omiten el who, which y that cuando no son suj. En las explicativas no se omiten=My boss,who is very nice,is always late. Conditionals=0=P.S+P.S/1probable=p.S+p.S ò imp./2improbable=past.S+would/3imposible=Past. Perf+would have y un participio. modals verbs=CAN-COULD+formal//MAYpuedeq-MIGHTpdria+formal//SHALL//SHOULD=OUGHT TO//WILL//MUST=have to//NEEDN'T=don't have to ó don't need to.

Probability---0can'twon't/25%might could/35may/50 can/100will going to

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