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- Router -, - direct configuration of the device, enabling a mechanism to exchange ... dtección automatic and negotiation of the transaction ...., - switch - console, - segmented broadcast domains, interconnect different network technologies, each router interface requires a reed or separate subnet. -console interface. - 3. - Connecting two routers together via their fast ethernet ports, connection of devices with the same type of interfazs to speed fast ethernet. - DB60, winchester 15-pin, serial smart. - - -255,255,255,224. - .- Console cable host B host A would make it fail. - Utp. - Host b using a crossover cable to connect to the router, it represents four dopminios broadcast, the host b using a console cable to connect to the router. - 1. - Hub. -greater cabling distances, limited susceptibility to EMI / RFI, the greater potential bandwidth. - Loss of signal strength as distance increases. -2048.

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