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1. In an IPv4 environment, what S is used by the router to send packets of data over a router interface to another? Direcció No destination network
2. 2. What S is added during encapsulació No OSI Layer 3?
Source and destination IP Direction
3. In a system without Conexió n, which of the following is correct? The destination is contacted before sending the packet
4. What field of an IP packet prevents endless loops?
5. That Portia n of the Directorate-layer network uses a router to send packets? Porci No network
6. See n. presentació In the network shown, cuá direcció n l is the default gateway for the host A network
7. If the default gateway is configured incorrectly on the host, cuá l is the impact on communications? The host can communicate with other hosts on the local network, but can not communicate with hosts on remote networks
8. Cua l is the pur default gateway site? Identifies the device that allows computers on the local network to communicate with devices on other networks
9. What Type of information routing is entered manually into the routing tables? Is tico

10. When the destination network is not listed in the routing table of a Cisco router, cuá them are two possible actions that the router can take?
The router sends the packet to the interface specified by the default route / The router discards the package

11. WHAT ARE the key factors that should be considered when grouping hosts into a common network?
Prop site / geographical fica ESTATE / Property

12. What is a component of an entry in the routing table?
By the Directorate of the next hop

13. What intermediate device can be used to implement security between networks? Router / Firewall

14. Cua them are three common problems that presents a large network or? Security Issues / Identificació No host / No performance and degradation
15. See n. presentació All devices are shown in presentació No default settings are factory fá. "Cud nt broadcast domains are represented in the topology shown? 4

16. WHAT ARE the three true statements about the routes and the OPERATION?
If you connect to the destination network directly, the router forwarding the packet to the destination host / If there is no route to the destination network and presents a default route, the packet is forwarded to the next-hop router / If the source host has a configured default gateway, you can forward the packet to a remote network through the route
17. See n. presentació A network administrator attempts to resolve a connectivity problem and must be determined by the Directorate that is used to forward network packets out the network. If you use the command netstat-r, is the manager achieved to identify what all hosts direcció n Send an packets with a destination outside the network?

18. See n. presentació A network administrator notices that there is much broadcast on the network. What two steps can be taken by the network administrator to resolve this problem?
Replace S2 with a router / subnet network. 19.19.

19. See n. presentació The network shown in operation. Which two statements correctly describe the routing topology that is shown?
Direcció n is the next hop used by R3 to route packets from network network / is the direcció n the next hop used by R2 to route packets from network network

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20. Which two are common feature for sticas nment associated with dynamic routing protocols monkey?
They provide routers with routing table updates / consume bandwidth to exchange route INFORMATION

21. What pur confirmed every n describes the site of a default route?
No host uses a default route to transmit data to a host outside the local network when no other route to that destination
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