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Gender inequality Has always been present inside society making sexist labels between men and women. Indeed, women face discrimination everyday specially in their workplace, Where they could been paid less than their male coworkers.  Even though Workplace discrimination and gender wage gap  are due by voluntary choices Made it by women and men, women are 1.4 times more likely to receive critical Subjective feedback in individual annual performance than men. They also need To work longer to get promoted, even after accounting for years of experience, Hours worked, and education.

Some people think women discrimination is Actually overrated because men and women’s choices are made voluntary and aren’t Necessarily tied with sexism. They also claim that problems like gender wage Has nothing to do with paying women less, but instead with individual choices And careers that men and women make. In fact, according to Blau and Kahn (2016) “ [...] occupational differences certainly do matter occupation and industry Account for about half of the overall gender wage gap”. However, it is said That decisions women make about their occupation are also shaped by society, Once again showing that there is discrimination to women.

Women discrimination in the workplace is Not overrated because many professions dominated by women have become lower Paid. According to Christina Hoff Sommers (2017)  the 5 worst-paying College majors are lead by women, having only one of five dominated by men, Theology and religious vocations with 66%. As a matter of fact, EPI (2017) also Says “ [..]even though women disproportionately enter lower-paid, Female-dominated occupations, this decision is shaped by discrimination, Societal norms, and other forces beyond women’s control.”

In addition, some companies prefer women to Work with people than men because of their skills and appearance, even though Not all women like this kind of job. According to Psychology Today (2017) “In a National study of over 1,000 high school students, they found that:  70 Percent more girls than boys had strong math and verbal skills and boys were More than twice as likely as girls to have strong math skills but not strong Verbal skills”.  Therefore, women in somehow are attached to a certain Stereotype that influences at the moment of hiring a woman or a man. It will Depend on the job they applied to.

On balance, there is a lot of controversy About whether or not the discrimination of women in the workplace is really Overrated. People should take seriously all the effort that women have made Over the years against sexism, and the fact that women tend to shoulder the Majority of family caretaking duties, and also work. It is definitely time to Stop discrimination between men and women, we are wasting the real value of People and work that we could build together.

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