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In London, the coffeehouse replaces the Court as the meeting place of the men of culture. The journalist makes his appearance, and poetry becomes social and familiar.

Then people wanted to be cultivated so they started reading.

Merchants and tradesmen of the town came to play a very important part in the life of the country.

A sense of new, expanding possibilities transformed the daily life of the British people. There were fresh ways of thinking about their relations to nature. The city of London became the centre of business, pleasure and the emerging consumer society. With growing prosperity, London turned into a city where everything was for sale. The spectacles and shows drew larger and larger crowds.

The Royal Exchange, in the heart of the city of London, was not only a hub for business and shopping but also a symbols for “globalization”. There was an increasing importance of international commerce to the British economy.

During the successful run of The Tatler (1709-1711) Germen de la novella de fiction, Steele’s and Addison’s predecessor to The Spectator, The Female Tatler was published 3 times a week.

The prose writers of this age excel the poets in every respect. The graceful and elegant prose of Addison’s essays, the terse style of Swift’s satires, the artistic perfection of Fielding’s novels, the sonorous eloquence of Gibbon’s history, and the oratorical style of Burke, have no equal in the poetical works of the age. In fact, poetry also had become prosaic, because it was no longer used for lofty and sublime purposes, but, like prose, its subject-matter had become criticism, satire, controversy and it was also written in the form of the essay which was the common literary from: Poetry became polished, witty and artificial, but it lacked fire, fine feelings, enthusiasm, the poetic glow of Elizabethan Age and the moral earnestness of Puritanism. In fact, it became more interested in the portrayal of actual life, and distrusted inspiration and imagination. Now, the prose is capable of expressing clearly every human interest and emotion.

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