City of Beasts

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CHAPTER 1 The Nightmare Alexander Cold, woke up thinking about the nightmare in which a black bird taking his mother through the window, and presaging that the day would be disastrous for him. First encountered Poncho, his dog, then forget math homework and flute. When he returned home to collect what he had forgotten and after a violent fit of desperation, during which he beats his father and destroys his room, he learns he has to go to New York to live a while with her grandmother Kate , a reporter who works for a magazine called "International Geographic", while his father, John Cold, takes his mom, Lisa, to another city for treatment for cancer suffers. His two sisters, Andrea and Nicole went to live a while with his maternal grandmother, while Alex was with Kate. Alex hates the idea, he knows the eccentric nature of his grandmother, but her father gives her reasons and has to obey but not resigned to abandon all that has been his world for 15 years he has lived. CHAPTER 2 eccentric grandmother Upon arrival at the airport in New York, Alexander had to wait for his grandmother almost 2 hours in the airport, but it was not for him. Alex, confused and indecisive, had to go to Kate's house. Goes to a bus where he meets a girl named Morgana. Leaving the bus, going to a bar with high and Rock music with many rockers. When he goes to the bathroom her backpack with all his belongings stolen, he suspected it was Morgan, for his luck had kept his passport in his jacket pocket. CHAPTER 3 The Abominable jungle after midnight and through snow, arrived at his grandmother's house which pretends not to have been waiting for. After eating he says he has won everything he had but especially regrets the loss of his flute. Kate gives him one that belonged to her late ex-husband and tells you that you have to be vaccinated against certain diseases because they will start an adventure to the Amazon in search of a monstrous creature that, in the words of the grandmother, "It's the kindest . Do not steal, do not kidnap children and does not destroy private property. Only kills. It does so cleanly, without noise, breaking bones and squashing his victims with true elegance .... "CHAPTER 4 The plane traveled the Amazon River to Manaus, the largest city in the Amazon region where they join the other members of the issue: the anthropologist who lives Ludovic Leblanc convinced that the indigenous inhabitants of these lands are savages, murderers and cannibals, photographers and Joel Timothy and Dr. Omayra Torres Venezuelan whose mission is to vaccinate the Indians. Together they begin a journey browsing the Black River to Santa Maria de la Lluvia where they face Nadia, a girl of 13 years and daughter of Cesar Santos, the leader of the expedition, Captain Ariosto, and Mauro Carias, a powerful employer. CHAPTER 5 Shaman Alex and Nadia soon became good friends. Nadia knows the language of several tribes and also the animals. One night Nadia, imitating the song of an owl, call a friend, a very powerful sorcerer named Walimai, who tells you that the issue is in danger and that many will die. Only Nadia and Alex must go to the City of the Beasts as they call them, because they have been known for having a clean soul. CHAPTER 6 The plan that night, Nadia and Alex Carias Ariosto and listen to talk of a secret plan in which anthropologist and writer played a major role as they give to the world something that would benefit both men and would make them millionaires. When they discovered they were observed, they ended the conversation and departed furious.CHAPTER 7 The black jaguar expedition members are invited to the elegant Mauro Carias camp where Alex finally can eat as he likes. There the boy find his totem animal Carias taught when a jaguar that has captured and Alex has a vision: he is alone with the animal in a vast plain of gold, surrounded by towering black towers under a white sky where six moons floating transparent . The cat and the boy repeated three times their names. CHAPTER 8 The expedition sailed up the issue for several days, the vegetation became thicker, the river narrower and more difficult navigation. Amid all this, a soldier was killed after being hit in the heart by an arrow. The doctor said that death was instantaneous, but although she had not given in the heart the poison would have killed him within minutes albeit more painful. Chapter 9 The People of the Mist That night shifts were assigned to monitor and maintain the fire going. During Alex's turn as steps were heard sounds of something big. Thought it might be the Beast, but proved to be a huge and dangerous boar that wandered through the camp without hurting anyone, because the wind was blowing in the opposite direction and could not smell them. In the next turn, one of the kaboclos disappeared and was found dead the next morning. He was lying face down on the ferns but head straight. He had broken his neck and chest and belly had been cut with deep cuts.

Abducted CHAPTER 10 The next night, two soldiers fled taking one of the boats. They preferred to face a court martial to die in the hands of Indians or of the beast. Alex was bitten by a fire ant in the ankle and left a red and swollen like a cherry. The pain moved up the leg preventing him walk. Dr. Omayra said the poison would effect for many hours and should bear no more relief than hot compresses. He and Nadia were kidnapped by Indians and brought her up. Alex resisted and was hit in the head. They did not want to harm them, the blow was not to make noise .. CHAPTER 11 The invisible village walked without rest until you reach a waterfall that fell from a mountain whose summit is lost in clouds. Aided by a rope that manufactured the Indians, Alex helped Nadia, tying his waist to his, to climb the steep mountainside. The head Mokarita slipped and got caught in some bushes. Alex hanging from the rope dropped and, aided by Indians, rescued Mokarita. They made a stretcher, loaded his head and continued the journey to the Eye of the World as they called them to his village (Tapirawa-teri in their language) as invisible and unreal as the Indians. CHAPTER 12 Mokarita initiation rite and died at dawn Indians decided they should find and destroy the murderer of the chief. Nadia called his amulet to Walimai, but this did not appear as she had expected. Masato drank and blew the Yopo to reach the spirit world and discover the culprit. One of them had the vision that Alex was the murderer and chased him to reach out and tied to a tree to decide what to do with it. Nadia was quietly to his aid and cut the ties, but they tried to escape, appeared Walimai who told the natives that the boys had come to help him defeat Rahakanariwa, bloodsucking bird, which also took the form of disease.CHAPTER 13 The Holy Mountain Walimai, Nadia and Alex travel together to the holy mountain where the Gods live. Tireless walk for days with little food, making his way with difficulty through the jungle, ascending and descending, traversing labyrinths beneath the mountains with only the help of torches manufactured by Walimai. They met many amazing creatures: dragons, birds with four wings, blind-eyed cats ... At the end of the maze facing a large valley in the center round which, glittering like a crown, stood proud El Dorado The city of gold hundreds of adventurers have searched for centuries. CHAPTER 14 The Beast Within minutes saw the Beast. Measured over three feet, looked like a giant ape man, standing on two legs with powerful arms and a head too small for the carriage of the body, had hair like wire and three long claws sharp as a knife in each hand. Actually it was not a but more. Alex could count eleven and two others talked about were the men's land of mists. Walimai spoke with them and said that Jaguar and Eagle were there to help them beat their reward would Rahakanariwa and crystal eggs were on top of tepui and water of life that would cure the mother of Alex. CHAPTER 15 Nadia glass eggs rose to the top of tepui, to the highest peaks where there was a nest with three eggs prodigious. He climbed up the mountainside overcoming his vertigo. He did not care that his hands bled or thirst tormented him. His only thought was that I had to reach the crystal eggs. And he succeeded. Chapter 16 Water Health Alex descended into the depths of the earth where water was life. The memory of her sick mother and his father's teachings were their only incentive. He crawled through narrow labyrinths. He skirted lakes of molten lava. He faced a giant bat. And in the end it did too. CHAPTER 17 The next day cannibal bird travelers made their way back. They approached cautiously without being seen. Amid Tapiwa-teri were the birds and wind noise. They had hung a wire with gifts to attract the Indians: knives, pots, axes and other steel and aluminum. Soldiers were armed but no sign of the natives. Cesar Santos and Kate could not contain his emotions to see the kids come to camp. They did not talk about what happened in the land of the gods. Nadia secretly met with Walimai to ask him to talk to the people of mists and convince them of the critical need to vaccinate. CHAPTER 18 Bloodstains On detection of the plan resorted to arms. Several Indians were killed, including soldiers, Mauro Carias received a blow on the head that broke his brain. Karakawe had hitherto been Leblanc personal assistant turned out to be an official of the Department of Protection of Indigenous Peoples was killed by Captain Ariosto which also destroyed the vials of vaccine, which really contained lethal doses of the measles virus. People of mists fled into the forest. Ariosto took, by force of arms, control of the situation and was ready to eliminate all those who had spoiled their plans for wealth. Chapter 19 Protection That night, Nadia, using the powers learned from the Indians, passed in front of everyone without be seen.He sought help from Walimai knowing it was her last hope. Without anyone could avoid the stench of the beast sank into unconsciousness to all who were in the camp. Alex had been rescued Walimai moments before the sickening then escaped. Captain Ariosto was destroyed by powerful claws. The next day everyone woke up in a clearing in the jungle, away from the camp, still under the effects of the stench of the beast. The natives had carried there. Chapter 20 Separate Ways arrived at Santa Maria de la Lluvia and settled in the miserable hotel. The next day return to Manaus on the river again. Tests Timothy Cesar Santos and Baldomero father had in his possession, would, with the help of Leblanc and Kate, to try Dr. Torres Mauro Carias and her lover, now a vegetable and have them protect that magical land where men and gods lived in harmony with nature.

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