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Civil Protection in Venezuela
Has a constitutional character, as reflected in Article 332:
The national executive, to maintain public order and protect citizens, to organize:
- A National Police
- A body of scientific research, criminal and crimininalistica
- A firefighter and emergency management-An organization of civil protection and disaster management
It aims to protect the lives of the population, civil defense acts both in peacetime and wartime. In peacetime, be responsible for protecting citizens from disasters that affect our nation in wartime, in addition to exercising this function should protect us from enemies who attack our nation.
Involving all civilian and military bodies, the civil protection has a collective character, ie, the function of protecting all citizens as a whole, not individual cases
It is an obligation of public and private, that is, belongs to all the national union, not only be responsible to face facts as they happen, but must also prevent them if possible. By content, should teach the importance of the work, should encourage citizens to know what to do in case of danger during wartime problems are exacerbated by civil protection which must act quickly and effectively in these cases, sometimes by the magnitude of the disaster, civil protection operations and structure to improve efficiency
In the organization of civil protection, in charge of organizing is the president, with aid from the national defense. The president, if necessary, you can enlist the population, which is compulsory. Those involved in the preparation and implementation of the civilian production are the persons enrolled in the FAN
Civil protection in emergencies and disasters (similarities and differences)
- The two irregular situations
- In emergencies may or may not be surprising, since one never knows when it can happen, but instead disasters are surprising, since one never knows what will happen in nature
- Emergencies may or may not cause damage to the nation on the disaster exchange for their destruction grao damage the nation (materials and / or human)
- In emergencies always the amount of protection agencies will be enough to tackle the problem effectively; in disasters will not have the resources to help solve them quickly and effectively

Natural: those alien to us caused by natural and often unavoidable
Psychological: When they voluntary or involuntary activity of citizens
Techniques: These are sources of error in construction, machinery and other materials in addition to technical errors of personal
War: They are due to attacks by an enemy when the nation is at war or in war battlefields
Civil protection functions
dentify emergencies and accidents in the population, and disseminate the rules to avoid accidents
Determine areas most likely to suffer a disaster
Locate those areas by their degree of hazard, may be more feasible to locate evacuation areas or people who must evacuate

Article of the Organic Law on Security and Defense related to civil protection
- Article 27: President of the Republic, watch The National Security and Defense, dictate the rules to provide for and regulate the organization and operation of civil protection
- Article 28: The president of the republic may provide for the isolation of the population or any segment of the same to join the civil protection
- Article 29: Persons who were not enrolled in the national armed force, necessarily be involved in the preparation and implementation of civil defense, except as otherwise provided in Article 23 of this Act Role of the teacher in front of a seismic emergency
- To promote and maintain personal and group calm during and after the earthquake
- Observe if there are injuries after the incident, if any and know first aid, applying
- Direct the group away from danger
- Keep the group in the area chosen
- Prepare the group if there are sequels
- Alert for any emergency

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