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-Operas were perfomed in courts.-In the classical period,composers changes compositional styles.-Composer who started this reform was Gluck.-Lower social classes own musical theatre,with comic scenes between acts.-Scenes,called intermezzi,developed comic opera,also named opera buffa.-Involved comic lbretto,and less technical requirements for singers.  Symphony.These were composed for a symphonic orchestra and divided into four movements.    First movement:Fast tempo written in sonata form wich has three sections:exposition,development and the recapitulation. Second and third:has a slow tempo. Fourth:fast movement includes sonata form.

Strings:violins main melody,violas,cello,double basses play same notes as cello but 8 notes lower. Woodwind:flute,oboes,clarinets. Brass:2 trumpets,french horn. Percussion:timpani.

-Simple melodies.-Dynamics happened gradually.-The symphony orchestra includes clarinets and bassons.-Music followed clear and balanced structures.-Main composers were Mozart and Beethoven.

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