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It means teaching unit / program "that work unit on a teaching-learning process, cohesive and comprehensive


Why teach? Objectives

What to teach Contents

How do you teach? Methodology, resources, activities

What to assess when and how? Assessment

Basic Skills, the set of cognitive procedures and attitudes that can and should be reached during compulsory education by the majority of students and that are essential for:

achieve their personal and social

incorporated into adulthood successfully and be able to develop a continuous learning throughout life.

Objective concept? Are the capabilities that we hope will get students to formulate l behaves mental changes, the intentions that seek to reach as a result of the teaching-learning process.

The Objectives are to provide guidance and guidance ...

establish content

design activities

specify the evaluation criteria

Objectives: Bloom's taxonomy

 Therefore, the taxonomy of Bloom's cognitive domain data as of mid-century XX (1956).

 Key idea: that is what teachers want students to learn, organized in a hierarchy from least complex to most complex.

The taxonomy contains six levels, with different subsets in each level.

Bloom's Taxonomy: Cognitive Domain


Remember, recognize specific information such as facts, events, dates, names, symbols, theories, definitions and more.


Understanding what has been learned. This is demonstrated when information is presented otherwise transformed, seeking relationships, partners, interpret (explain or resume), or are potential effects or consequences.


Use knowledge and skills acquired in new situations.


Break down the whole into its parts, resolve problems in the light of the acquired knowledge and reasoning.


Use old ideas to create new ones, generalize from data provided, linking knowledge in different areas.


Prosecute on the basis of established criteria.

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