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cells: every living organism are formed by cells that is the basic unit of life unicellar: one celular organism that some exaples are protozoa, bacteria... multicellar: many cellar organism that some examples plants, animals... The unit of the cells are the micrometer or micro cell structure: plasma membrane: all cells are sourronded by this membrane.This membrane works like a filter cytoplasm: it is the internal enviroment → water 1. Desolve substance 2. Organells genetic material: regulates cell 1. Membrane comp→nucleous 2. Floats in teh cytoplasm classification: there are classified accordin if they have nucleous or not prokariotik: don't eukariotik : yes diversity of life: living organisms are agrouping based on their similarities taxonomy: is how we classified the living things based on their characteristics . Two organism belong the same species if they are able to produce offspring that retain this ability. species: is the smallest categorty. 1.Same species: in some species m. And f. 2. Different species: some organisms are vey similar to each other how useful are in life humanbeings: artificial: were not based on natural characteristics natural: were based on characteristics of life forms 

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