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Definition of property

Are things that remain subject to appropriation by man, have a use for it.

Characteristics of goods:

The goods must be suitable: namely, that they may exist in respect of a holder or owner, whether private or a group owner, as is the E º.

That are useful or that represent profit, that means they have a pecuniary or economic assessment to date or which might be useful.

Classification of goods:

  • Tangible and intangible.
  • Tangible: Those who have a real, which can be perceived by the senses. They are divided into:
  • Furniture: Those that can be transported from one place to another either by themselves or by other external force.

They are divided into:

Livestock: Those who move from one place to another by themselves. They are divided into three types:

  • Domestic: Those who are under the supervision or subordination of man. Eg dogs and cats.
  • Domestic: are those for which man can exercise instruction. Eg horses.
  • Untamed or wild animals: They are not subject to male dominance.

Inanimate: Those that can not be transported by themselves but by external force. Eg car.

* In advance: It is a category of goods used in agricultural and forest level. This type of property is the rear guard in the art. 571 CC. "Are those real property are deemed to understand as furniture or even before their separation, to the effect of this Constitution on rights for a third party" (strange).

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