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A Clockwork Orange is a dramatic feature film.
Was been filmed in the United Kingdom in 1971, under
The direction of Stanley Kubrick, scriptwriter and 
Producer of the film. In the
movie Malcom John Taylor, is the main character, 
And the British actor Warner
Clarke puts on the skin of  Dim, the
Secondary character. The film shows the vandalism of a 
Group of young people, and
How this affects the  leader of the band

The plot takes place
In Great Britain. The main character, Alex, is 
A young guy, fan of Beethoven’s music, and is the 
Leader of a violent band called The Drugos. 
The complications for Alex begin after a fight for 
The group leadership. They decide to attack the house 
Of a woman, and finally Alex kill her. He is betrayed
And abandoned by his partners, and in addition he is 
Arrested by the police. In order to reduce the sentence, 
He decides to undergo an experimental treatment to end
 His violent attitude

A Clockwork Orange is a shocking movie. It is necessary to
 Emphasize the use of the voice in off of  the main character. 
This resource makes the viewer closer to Alex. 
This is an unforgettable film, in one hand it have
 A constant appearance of violence, but on the 
Other hand, the director show the humanity of
 The characters.
It’s also important to talk about how Kubrik uses close-up and extreme close-up shots,  with that the viewer
 With the characters. Due to the antiquity of the film, the special 
Effects are scarce, but they are not missing because the scenes
 Are shocking on their own.

The actors do an excellent performance. Despite the difficulty Involved In representing Alex, Malcom Taylor does it in a totally realistic way. Through Direct looking at the camera, for example when he sings "Singing in the Rain", he creates a strong bond with the viewer

To conclude, A Clockwork Orange is a shoking film that hits 
On you and can make you feel a little Drugo,
Ç so any movie lover should see

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