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INTRODUCTION What Is a project (definition, brief description)? A project it is a single, Complex,, unique task, that is limited in costs and time, and has predefined Goals, and assigned sources. It starts from an idea that´s needs to be prepare And plan, be performed to achieved a goal in a fixed cost/time/quality arrangement In a temporary enterprise (high intensity of human and materials resources, Unique aims, unique participants, unique tools).Who are the direct and indirect Involved participants of a construction project? Direct: •Client•Designer (Architect, Structural Engineer, Civil Engineer, Mechanical engineer, Electrical engineer) •Contractor (General Contractor, Subcontractors) Indirect: •Authorities (Public services) •Financing organizations•Insurance companies External: •Public•Media Phases of a Construction project (5 and 7 phases)? 1. Inception Phase - initiation 2. Preliminary analysis 3. Feasibility study (Project Preparation and Planning)4. Tendering + contract (Preparation of implementation) 5. Construction phase 6. Running in-hand over 7. Operation and maintenance (6. &7. Project end) List the activities of the project preparation Period!•Iniciation•Preliminary brief (list the clients wishes and ideas about The building—based on his findings from the prefeasibility study—programme of The building (rooms-functions) •preliminary analysis (quality/quantity) •Feasibility Study (information required: •general limiting conditions (budget, deadline, Code requirements, community values) •general building costs (by occupancy Type, by location) •General forms of construction (which are appropriate?)List the activities of the planning period!Perform By (architects, engineers, consultants): 1. Preliminary drawings and models 2. Proposed design 3. Detailed drawings. 4 Written specifications 5. GOAL: to Completely describe the desired construction 6. Rough7preliminary cost estimate 7. Draft schedule 8. Preliminary design (general building size and form, selected Basic construction and type of structural system, general use of materials) 9. Definitive design (layouts of plans and elevation, selection of essential Control dimensions and modules, description of basic materials and products) 10. Information required (general planning requirements, reasonable Alternatives for the basic construction, unit costs (selected systems and Materials, construction details appropriate to design goals and choices for Materials and products, dimension and planning modules).List The activities of the preparation of implementation period! When getting Approval by authorities, by public services, building permit (according to Regulation) then it´s possible for a implementation period. •Detail design •Documentation for tendering (tender set of drawings) •Documentation for Construction •Tendering •Getting a bid from the contractor •Choosing from Several possible contractors •Signing the contract •Set of contract documents •Complete construction details •Complete specifications (precise descriptions Of quality, performance requirements) •Typical questions for final design (•What Specific material or product is to be used for a given item of the Construction? •What specific data must be recorded to completely identify a Chosen material or product for design purposes? •What are appropriate details For the construction of various elements of the building? ))•Qualification/prequalification •Tendering ((•Open tender •Restricted tender dep. On the number of contractors Invited •Negotiated tender )•Contracting •Final cost estimate, cost plan •General time plan, detailed time plan •Construction site plansList the activities of the construction period!•Planning/controlling The plot/time/costs •Erecting the building according to the plans •Supervision Of construction •Running-in; Hand-over – take-over •Managing resources •Labour •Materials •Machinery •Money •Managing changes •Acceptable range for performance and Alternatives •Managing time •Verification of time schedules •Managing quality •Procedures for inspections, tests, certifications, etc.

 List the activities of the project end period! •Operation And maintenance of the building(•Setting up and operating a Facility Management System )) •Selling/renting the building ((•Users needs ))•Evaluation of the Project – benchmarking (referencia/criterio) ((•Ccomparing with other closed Projects •Feed-back for future projects •Post-occupancy evaluation ))

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