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DISEASE TREATMENT: DRUGS AND MEDICINES. DRUGS are those products that we use `to cure, alleviate, prevent or diagnose disease. / / The drugs contain one or more drugs (substances that make the drugs have their properties, ie the drugs are active princiipos drugs). Adverse Reactions: all medicines can give them. Are's Argentina is negative effects of drugs. In order to market a drug health authorities should ensure that its benefits outweigh a possible adverse reactions. / / Each drug has a convenient dose. By increasing the dose does not increase profits, so even than adverse reactions. / / There are drugs that if given together ellos.Ej interfere: one of the drugs may cause another not soak properly. But usually these drug interactions are known.

HOW IT WORKS Famac the drugs have the ability to bind to molecules that are called receptors in the body. These molecules (usually proteins) where the drugs bind to them changing their funciones.Hay receptors found throughout the body and others only in some very specific groups of cells. / / Barriers to go through a drug: gastrointestinal wall , the walls of blood vessels, ets .. can save some by changing the route of drug administration. Routes: Oral (capsules, tablets) Sublingual, rectal (suppository), injection (subcutaneous intramuscular or intravenous) and Topical Intranasal or skin (ointments).

DESARROROLLO RESEARCH AND NEW DRUGS: The Famac can produce adverse reactions, such as a drug that is effective for pain relief can also cause drowsiness at the same time, this is because bind to different receptors. It is currently looking for highly specific drugs, ie even join one type of receptor in order to minimize adverse effects and maximize benefit.

PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY: PATENT AND GENERIC: most research is carried out in major pharmaceutical companies with large economic benefits. / / For a drug to be marketable: 1 .- We must pass a series of tests in experimental animals and in healthy individuals. 2 .- If the results are good, is passed to the clinical trial stage, testing with patients. 3 .- If these tests indicate that the drug is safe to start marketing. / / If one discovers a new Famac emperesa its patent claims. This allows to be the sole manufacturer and marketer for a period of between 10 and 20 years. / / When this period ends, other labs can now produce the drug, which is called generic (mmismo princiipo is active but is cheaper)

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