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- Biodiversity:varying Or different life-forms. Typs (Genetic: the variety of genetic materials within A species or a population;Species diversity: the number and abundance of Species present in different communities;Functional: the biological and Chemical processes such as energy flow and matter recycling needed for the Survival of species, communities, and ecosystems;Ecological diversity: the Variety of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem found in an area or on the earth)

-Evolution:it is the Changes in a population of organism genetic make-up

-Mutation:gene changes In only one organisms.(organisms have a specific trait, environmental changes Occur,survival traits get active,over years a population evolve that are better Adopted to survive & reproduce under this new conditions)

-Speciation: formation Of new species. Extinction: dying out of species (Geographical isolation or Reproductive)

-Genetic Engineering:1-the splicing od the genes of organisms, 2- transfer of genes from Different organisms, 3- transfer of genes between organisms that would never Normally bread, 4- intermingling of plants and animals gens, 5- putting Bacteria into plants, animals)

-Endemic species: that Species can only be found in 1 area Panda Bear

-Background extinction Rate: natural slow rate of extinction

-Mass extinction: Results in the greatest loss of species.

-Biomes: are large Ecological regions with characteristic type natural Veg & Clime.

-Climate: is the most Important factor that determine the type of biomes (precipitation and Temperature) Biomes: grassland, desert, forest, mountain.

-Wetlands: 1-they Filter, detoxify water runoff before it enters the water ways & Oceans.2-Provide food & habitat to WL.3-Reduce storms damages & costal Erosion.

-Important factors: Water Tª, dissolved oxygen content, food avail, avail light photo

-Ocean zones + Biodiversity: costal zone & open sea (most), Ocean floor.

-Major vertical zones ocean: statuary, euphotic, bathyal, abyssal, ocean floor.

-Lake zones: litoral, Limnetic, profundal, benthic.

-Lentic: standing H2O—Lotic: flowing H2O

-Oligotrophic: low Nutri; Eutophic: high; Hypereutrophic: excess; Mesotrophic bet

-Surface water: water On top of the land

-Runoff: after a Precipitation the water that moves down slope & across the land & Streets & eventually goes into the water way.

-Watershed: the area That collects & deliver runoff to the water ways.

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