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Obtaining timber
the first step is the felling of trees, followed by debranching and debarking, then chop it up for transport.
finally uses different techniques of cut (sawn into boards in barracks, in coastal and mesh).
Artificial wood
are not artificial products, but products made from sheets or madera.VENTAJAS chips: low cost, versatility of sizes, greater inactivity before the weather and the attack of parasites. (plywood and chipboard).
cellulose is obtained for the manufacture of various products: paper, cellophane, rayon, etc..
the paper is the more important because of its huge demand and consumer.
3.1 Environmental Impact Logging
Soil erosion (wind or water), destabilization of ground water (droughts or floods), reduction of biodiversity (ecosystems, organisms); increased climate imbalance.
Ferric 4.1.Metales
contain as a main hierro.los are based on pure iron, and steel foundry.
in obtaining the foundry and steel, part of a first process comun.el steel alloy of iron is the most important qe is used in industry.
4.2.Metales Non Ferrous
copper and its alloys: aluminum, lead, tin, zinc.
to be used as a criterion to classify their "different density"
-heavy alloy. formed by copper.
-light alloys. for aluminum, which is derived by using their low weight and corrosion resistance.
-super light. is part of magnesium.

6 polymers and ceramics
6.1.Materiales polymeric
a polymer material is a high weight to its countless molecular.debido molecular structures and states of aggregation there is a wide variety of polymers.
-According to its origin could be classified into natural and synthetic.
"Based on its qualities and its price are classified as:
· General use, consumption, known for its duration and low cost.
Technical or engineering · retain their properties at temperatures below 0 º C or above 100 º C.
· Special designed for high performance concrete and uses very specific properties.
"Based on its physical properties, thermosets, thermoplastics and elastomers.
6.2.Materiales Ceramics
are a set of compounds formed by strong and stable joints metallic and nonmetallic elements by ionic or covalent bonds.
traditional ceramics can be (based on empirical knowledge) or advanced (are oxides, carbides and nitrides from the chemical point of view).
Nanotechnology is the study, design and creation of materials and devices through the control of matter at the nanometer scale nanometrica.los systems range from a few tens to few hundreds of atoms or molecules.
8.2.Repercusiones of Nanotechnology
-informatica. access to a terabyte of memory required to speculate on artificial intelligence.
-medicine. could build devices so small they could tour the human body, thus detecting certain diseases and medications to treat also hardly affect the body.
-industry. design materials to the letter, select or create self-generating machines tuned qe devices harness energy more efficiently.

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