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Steel: 1 pound steel has more strengh than a 1 pound of anything

is equally strong in tension and compression. More ways to use it
columns can be separate in grand distance. Longs expans are possible.
corrodes if not protected. Needs to be apart from fire/ lose strenghth 
contains IRON
Types of Steel: 1. Carbon Steels ( 0.15-1.8% spring steel)
2. Alloy Steel. More ingridients: chromium, stenly steel. (12%) rust resistant metal
TIPS: carbon makes hard to weld the steels. 
Shapes: W=  , C=chanel, S=I American Stan, L=L or angle, pipe or tubing, bars, plate, WT or T.
Corrosion: General and Galvin ( most noble no less noble) electric action
Fire: fire-resistive or coating is required/ lose strenght GYPSUM. Dont collapse. Water, cement, gypsum other materials. Different tickness, longer better get hard
BEAM OR GIRDERS: Framing beams or two layers system
 box girders: lateral Load, built up from shapes and has a hollow II. Castellated Beams: deeper load, expands longer distance, more load, useful space inside ooo
Connections: Bolted: Allows you to replaced it. Welded: needs extra ridge
 River the metal (replace it)
Open Web steel joist: look like struuss, increrable deep, quite long and easy to install. 
Framing: horizontal y diagonal bridging
Steel columns: W, round pipe, rectangular, welded plates, 2, cruciform 4angles. Colums can be combined with other materials.
Curtain wall: exterior wall, hold by steel or concrete structural frame. Carry  its own weight, carry lateral load (wind) and transfer the load to the build. GAP between structutre and building-hanging. They moved independently.
Roof framing: can be flat or with certain degree. STEEL RIGID FRAMES:  one story tall. One big component all welded. Strong with few joist FRAMES: 20´to 24´ and 30´tall. Connection bolted. Girts horizontales donde se añade las walls or plywood or curting wall, purlings para el techo 4' a 5´ one or two layers, suport lateral load or sheeting.
space frame:  3d dimnsional, light weight, grate spand, really strong /cons: takes a lot of space: O threaded can be desembled, Bolted D. I I welded
Steel Stairs: Steel pan treads w/2" concrete. Formwork. Traeds can be open
Glass: from sand, cooked- SILICA basic materials adding salt, SODIUM, calcium
Types of glass: Float glass: convencional, thiner and transparented. Dangerous. Templed Glass: 1° float glass but streech out. Breks into pebble sized particles. Can no be modify. Laminated Glass: 2 layers of glass and palstic in the middle. Impact windows, sound control, energy conservation.
Materials: alumminum, wood, vynil, fiberglass. 

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