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Five Reaction: Synthesis elements joined together, Decomposition-breaks into parts, Single Displacement-element replaces ele., double displacemnet-elements switch, combustion hydrocarbon.
Electrolytes are chemicals that break into ions when dissolved in h20 (Acids, bases,salts.IdealGas=Molecules occupy negligble space+no 
IMFS: Covalent, Hydrogen, Metallic, Dipole, London, Ion.
SA= -log[H+]=-logN=PHWA=Ka=x2/M &-logx=PHSB=-log[OH-]=-logN=POH, 14-POH=PHWB=kb=x2/M & -logx=POH, 14-POH=PH
Strong ACIDS:HNO3  H2SO4 HBr  HI  HClO4  HClO3 Weak acid HO2C2O2H /H2SO3HSO4 
Molarity: M=mol/l    Molality:M=mol/kg
Gas laws=Boyle's Law p1v1=p2v2
Charle's Law=v1/t1=v2/t2
Combined=p1v1/t1=p2v2/t2 Ideal-pv=nrt
STP=1 atm,,,temp:273k,,,R=o.O821

Titration - A method of volumetric analysis in which a volume of one reagent (the titrant) is added to a known volume of another reagent slowly from a burette until an end point is reached.  The volume added before the end point is reached is noted.  If one of the solutions has a known concentration, that of the other can be calculated. 

End point - A known pH point of an acid and base interaction as shown by a chemical indicator change in color.

pH Scale - A logarithmic scale (from 1 (acid) to 14 (base)) for expressing the acidity or alkalinity of a solution.  To a first approximation, the pH of a solution can be defined as -log 10 c, where c is the concentration of hydrogen ions in moles per cubic decimeter.  A pH of below 7 indicates an acid solution; one above 7 indicates alkaline solution. 

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