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  • Refining process (products NO):Once cleaned, oil could already be used as a fuel but the usual thing is to subject it to a careful refining process.

- Distilling: 

  • You super heat the oil and the vapor goes up from the destilation unit.

  • They cool and depending on the weght they cool in diffrent stucks. The least weight is up.

  • Depending on the weight it cools in different stacks.

- Cracking: 

  • It’s a process that breaks the heavy fuel molecules and become in lighter ones; which are more valuable fuels.

- Reforming: 

  • increases the amount of gasoline produced from crude oil. 

  • It is a process applied to the naphta fluid that reorganises the molecules and increases the amount of gasoline.

- Blending: 

  • mixing different refinery products to make finished different petroleum fuels for example super 95 and super 98.


  • A procees to produce cleaner gasoline and help to protect the environment.

  • You take impuritues like sulfure and you use the sulfure to do chemical products and fertilizers.

uranium and plutanium

Nucleus formed by protons (+) neutrons (=) and electrons (-)

In the nature all the atoms are electrically neutral

Part of energy is lost

chain reaction:

The combustible is submerged in a moderator

Moderator slows down the neutros

The reactor where all these happens has control sticks

Control sticks are made of boron,cadmium or hafnio.

They absorb the neutrons and slow up or down the reactor power.

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