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DALTONS ATOMIC THEORY: 1. Elements are made up of indivisible and inalterable substances called atoms.
2. Atoms of the same element: -same size and mass  -different to the atom of any other element.
3. Compounds are formed when the atoms of different elements join together in a constant, simple numerical ratio.
4. Chemical reaction-atoms regroup in a different way to how they werw before- without creating or eliminating any atom.
SECOND HYPOTHESIS: some atoms of the same chemical element have
different masses: ISOTOPES
THIRD HYPOTHESIS: 1:1 ratio of the elements that made up simple compounds. Chemical formula HO to water in the correct way is H2O
FOURTH HYPOTHESIS: in nuclear reactions, new atoms are created and the initial one disappear. The synthetical chemical elements we know about today are obtaine through nuclear reactions.

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