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Atom, the smallest component of the chemical elements that make up living things (bioelemnts), primarily carbon(C),oxygen(O),hydrogen(H),nitrogen(N),phosphorus(P),sulfur(s),calcium(Ca), magnesium(Mg) and sodium(Na)
Molecule, a group of two or more atoms joined together chemically.
organelles, a group of biomolecules that work together to form cell structures, such as membrane, ribosomes and mitochondria.
Cell,a group of organelles and structure.A cell is the simplest level of live.
Tissue, a group of specialized cells that work together to perform a specific function. Ry out life func
Organ, a group of different tissues that work toghether to carry out a specific function.
Organ System, a group of similar or different organs that work together to carry out life functions.
Organism, an independent living thing made up of organ systemsthat can carry out all the life functions.
Unicellular organisms, microscopic living things are made up of one cell.
Multicellular organisms, generally, macroscopic living things are made up of many cells, thir organization id complex.
Cellular nutrition is the process in which cells obtain the matter and energy necessary to perform life functions.
Catabolis,complex organic substances->simple substances+energy
anabolism,simple substances+energy->complex organic substances
Prokaryotic cells, no nucleus genetic materials is dispersed in the cytoplasm,ribosomes are the omnly organelles, cell membrane covered by a cell wall, bacteria capsule,appendices (flagella),bacterial chromosome.
Eukaryotic cells, are larger than prokaryotic cells, cell membrane sourrounds the cell enables the exchange of substances with the outside enviroment, cytoplasm fills the space between thw cell membrane and the nnucleous it contains (hyaloplasm)(organelles)(cytoskeleton) and nucleous.
Organelles: mitochondria produces energy, vesicles transport and digestion of substances, endoplasmatic reticulum(rough synthesis and moldification of proteins)(smooth no attachedribosomes syncesis os lipids), golgi bogy or apparatus processing and packagingof substances secretory vesicles, ribosomes protein synthesis, centrosomes involved in a cell division, cilia and flagella are involved in cell movements, cytoskeleton mantains cell shape.

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