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Chemical equations are how chemical reactions are represented. The Recombination of atoms in a chemical reaction means that the initial bonds Break and new bonds form (some of the atoms that form the reactant must break, when they join they release Another amount of energy)  Exothermic: energy need to separate the atoms is lower than the energy released when They join again. The higher the temperature of a process, the faster the Speed at which it occurs, because particles move faster and interact more. The Higher the concentration, the higher the reaction rate because there is a Larger quantity of particles available to react and they are close together. Acids are substances that have a sour Taste and react with limestone. Bases Are substances that have a bitter taste and soapy feel and do not usually Attack to metals. Reduction-Oxidation: reactions where there is an exchange of Electrons between them. Artificial. Obtained From technological process.(manufactured modification of a natural Product)(synthetic creating new substances)

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