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-Explain What- A pure substance is a sample of matter with both definite and constant Composition with distinct chemical properties. Every pure element is a Substance. Every pure compound is a substance.Ex: water.

- What is- . A solution is a combination of two things, but it is well mixed down to the Molecular level and stable.Ex:Salt water .A heterogeneous mixture on the other Hand will settle.Ex:Chocolate milk.

 -what does- The chemical formula of a compound Indicates what the compound is made of. For example H2O has two hydrogen and One oxygen.

-Explain How- Atoms of different elements have different numbers of protons and neutrons In their nucleus. More importantly, they have different numbers of electrons Around the nucleus. It is the interaction of the orbiting electrons with those Of other atoms that give rise to the various chemical properties of different Elements.

 -describe-Atomic size increases with Increasing atomic number within a group. For example, sodium atoms are larger Than lithium atoms, and potassium atoms are larger than sodium atoms. Atomic Size decreases with increasing atomic number across a period. Example:lithium Atoms are larger than beryllium atoms, and beryllium atoms are larger than Boron atoms.

 -can- Yes, sulfur and phosphorus can expand The octet. They can have 12 or 10 valence electrons, respectively, when Combined with small halogens. In PCl , phosphorus has 10 valence electrons.

-compare The- Ionic binary compounds contain a metal cation and an anion made of a Nonmetal or a polyatomic anion while Binary molecular compounds contain two or More nonmetals bonded covalently. There are no ions present because the atoms Share electrons. Prefixes are used to indicate the number of atoms of each kind Present.

 -write-General formula=HnX H refers to Hydrogen ion present in the acid. N refers to the number of hydrogen atoms in One molecule of the acid. X is the monatomic or polyatomic anion that combines With the hydrogen atom per atoms.

-what Are-According to Lewis, an acid accepts a pair of electrons and a base donates A pair of electrons during a reaction.

-compare And- Anabolism=building up molecules, creating tissue, and USING energy to do So. Catabolism=breaking down larger molecules, RELEASING energy through Cellular respiration, or fermentation. 

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