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   Spain is a country with seventeen autonomous communities, and depending on the community it is colder or warmer. Its capital is Madrid, a city  where  it is very cold in winter and very hot in summer. Spain is a very touristy country, both inland and coastal areas, such as the Valencian Community,  an example would be Benidorm, especially in summer, for its beaches and its atmosphere. In the interior, another very touristy area is the capital,  Madrid, for the monuments that can be seen and how beautiful the city is. Other tourist places that can be found in Spain are: Barcelona with the Sagrada Familia, Granada with that Andalusian accent, Santiago de Compostela with that well known pilgrim route, Valencia with its fallas, among other    very touristic and beautiful places to visit.

My favorite TV show love is in the air at the moment. It is a fiction series, which includes a lot of romance and plot. The series is Turkish, but is adapted to Spanish, is starring a young architect and a young student, the actors in reality I did not know who they were but if they are well known. It is broadcasted several days on Telecinco during the week, but you can also watch it on the internet, on television they are slower than on the internet, but you can watch it almost every day. In my case I watch it with my mother on TV. It is a series that has us very hooked, because although the series in Turkish the chapters are longer, in Spain what they do is to divide it into shorter chapters and always leave us at a point where you need to see more and I love the protagonists of course. I've been watching it for a few weeks now, I consider it a series that can be watched by both young and old. This series revolves between a love that used to be hate and it is very complicated. 

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