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Types of agriculture:

Tradicional agriculture: used when Most of the produce is intended to supply the farmer and their family. It is Also known as subsistence farming

Modern agriculture: Refers to the Growing of crops for sale in national or international markets, and is also Known as commercial agriculture. There are currently 2 types of modern Agriculture:

Industrial agriculture: the most Widespread since 1940s and its aim is the mass-production of agricultural Products. To achieve this, chemical products, inorganic fertilisers and Machinery are used, as well as biotechnological advances such as genetically Modified seeds.

Organic farming: has spread since 1990s and aims to grow healthy products without harming the environment ¡. Therefore, organic fertilisers and the rotation of local crops are used. It is Also known as bio-extensive farming.


Agriculture is impossible in regions With temperatures below 0 ºC or above 45ºC as well as in very arid regions or Those with very cold or very hot winds.

Furthermore, different crops adapt Better to different climatic conditions. Some require more humidity (ex: rice Or maize) while others can support the cold better (ex: potatoes) and others Require high temperatures (ex: sugar, coffee and cane)


The soil along with its physical and Chemical characteristics has important effects on crops, as the minerals it Contains provide nutrients needed by plants. The most important characteristics Are depth as deep soils with well-developed layers are usually more fertile than Shallow soils; texture or particle size and composition, as these influence the Soil´s capacity to retain water; porosity, to be able to let air reaches Plants´ roots; and acidity and alkalinity since very acid or alkaline soils are Toxic for plants.

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