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Land biomes 
Tundra , temperate forest , desert , savanna , taiga , temperate grassland , rain forest.
Marine ecosistems
Intertidal zone , neritic zone , oceanic zone , intertidal areas, estuaries, benethic zone, coral reefs, sagrasso sea sea, polar ice.
Fresh water ecosystem
Wetland , swamps, steam and river, pond and lake, marshes , lithoral zone, deep water zone , open water zone.
Water cycle
The water becomes vapor because of heat and rises to air vapor also comes from tree´s leaves.
In air water gets cold becoming rain drops in cloud. When they get leavy they fall again when water cycle gets in land they flow to ocean again
Carbon cycle
Plants break out sugar through pothosynthesis releasing Co2  by respiration. Co2 is also realeased by decomposition of organic materials and the burn of energy (combustion)
Nitrogen cycle
1)bacteria in soil change N2 into nitrogen plants can use, 2) nitrogen in plants is consumed by animals,3)decomposition releases nitrogen into the soil, 4) bacteria in soil change nitrogen into N2.
Acid rain
Is a form of precipitation that is unusually acidic, meaning that it possesses elevated levels of hydrogen ions (low ph)
Greenhouse effect
The greenhouse effect is that the greenhouse gases take the sunlight to the earth and the sunlight do not go out and these gases do the earth habitable and warm

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