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Be going to: I am going To a gym ( suj+to be+going to) bastante seguro

Present continuos: They Are playing tennis at 4pm. ( to be+ing) seguro

Will: I will be studying Next week. (suj+will+be+ing) poco probable

Present perfect

Have/has+P.participle/ed. Already y just: van en medio; for y since: al final. Yet: al final

First conditional: If+suj+present( Do/does)..…..Suj+will. Poco probable

Second conditional: If+suj+past (did/didn´t/ed)……suj+would. Cosa imposible

Third conditional: If+suj+had+past Participle( ed)……suj+ wuold+have+past participle

Passive: obj+to be+past Participle

We speak english here (active)

English is spoken by Us here.(passive)

Present am, is, are + past participle: Mail Is delivered to the residence hall every day except Sunday.

Present progressive am being, is being, are Being + past participle: A new addition is being added to the library

Past was, were + past participle: The Grades were posted by the teaching assistant at 3:00 pm

Past progressive was being, were being + When: I arrived at Wellman Hall, past participle the corrected problem sets Were just being distributed.

Present perfect has been, have been + past Participle: I think the money has already been sent electronically by the bank.

Past perfect had been + past participle: All The food had been eaten when I arrived at the potluck dinner.

Future will be + past participle: The tests Will be given back on Thursday

Future perfect will have been + past Participle: By the time you arrive at the concert hall, all the free tickets Will have been given out

I-me; you-you; he-him; she-her; it-it; We-us; you-you; they-them

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