Columna past participle verbs

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I wish/ if only: I wish+past simple (parlar del present), I wish+ past perfect(parlar de pasat). Relatives: that quan no hi ha comes, quan porta prep: whom (to, at, about, on, in..). Modal verbs: can, may, must, shall, need, should. Conditionals: 0- if+present/ present 1- if+present/ future 2- if+past/ would+ verb 3- if+ past perfect (had+3acolum o ed)/ would have+ 3a col/ed. Reported speech: passat mes passat-- want/wanted, is/was, have/had, finished/had finished, will/would, can/could, may/might, must/had. Active-passive: helps-is helped, is helping- is being helping, has helped-has been helped, helped-was helped, was helping-was being helped, had helped-had been helped, will help-will be helped. Present perfect:(he mirat) have or has+ ed or 3rt col. Prst perfect cont(he estat mirant): have or has been+ ing. Past perfect:(havia mirat):had + 3rt col or ed Past perfct cont(havia estat mirant): had been +ing

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