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The story of Hamlet is a revenge. Hamlet discovers That his father is murdered by his uncle because he says the ghost. From here Hamlet becomes obsessed with revenge and comes to get a little crazy. Hamlet Kills Polonius for thinking it was the King, when Ofelia learns starts singing And commits suicide.

Hamlet has to leave Denmark for killing Polonius, but Claudius sends a letter to the king of England to kill Hamlet, he changes the Letter and the king does not kill Hamlet.

At the end of the play, Hamlet and Leartes fight but Leartes has the sword with poison. The king put poison in the water and queen Unknowingly drink it when Hamlet learns that the king was killed and seconds Later he dies.

I liked the story of Hamlet because he had never read Hamlet. The story has been difficult to read because I did not know the story, I like what happens to each character least the end of Hamlet, the Queen, and Ofelia, because I do not like to die that way

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